The Firm’s Team Continues to Grow
September 16, 2016

The Firm welcomes two new colleagues, Thomas Balmforth and Harrison Stanford. Their arrival augments The Firm’s long-standing commitment to developing a diverse range of musical talent.


Thomas has worked with The Firm on numerous projects since 2011. Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Music Composition he joins The Firm as a permanent composer. Bringing expertise in orchestral and electronic composition, Tom has written distinctive scores for programmes such as The Mystery of the Crossrail Skulls (Ch4), Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away (Ch5), Bloody Tales of Europe (Nat Geo) and Planet Dinosaur Files (CBBC).


He says, “Sharing the studio with such an accomplished and creative team pushes me to experiment with new ideas and take a playful approach to finding the right musical tone for a project.”


Harrison Stanford is the second member to join The Firm in 2016. Starting as an intern while studying at Leeds College of Music for a degree in Music Production, he impressed The Firm with outstanding levels of dedication and ability. Taking on tasks such as recording, editing, and session organisation to a high level of performance, The Firm decided to offer Harrison a production assistant position after he finished his degree.


“I’m really excited to be working in an environment with such experienced composers and in a truly state of the art recording space, it’s a fantastic opportunity,” says Harrison.


Read further about Thomas and Harrison here

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