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The hidden side of the music industry

The hidden side of the music industry

This is the first article of part of a series called ‘The Production Music Series’

Music is a notoriously hard career path. Jobs aren’t easy to find and the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is quite often true. But what most aspiring creatives don’t realise is that popular music isn’t the only road to success. Thriving silently in the shadows is a powerhouse of creative freedom and prosperity. Let us explain…

The world loves TV. In recent years it’s grown to be as popular as film and satisfying this global demand requires an enormous workforce. Producers, directors, editors, scriptwriters and many more constantly invent stirring content to fill our screens. This around-the-clock stream of television, film and advertising needs a soundtrack, this is Production Music.

“...the average American is listening to at least 400 production music tracks every single day”

The hunger for more TV means Production Music is in high demand. According to the latest Nielson report, US households spend around 8 hours per day watching TV. Now if a 45 minute programme can include over 50 excerpts of music, the average American is listening to at least 400 production music tracks every single day. And we’re the lucky people that create it all.

We compose, record and produce music that’s perfect for picture. In our world all genres are timeless; whether it’s orchestral music for panoramic nature, dark drones for drama, quirky strings for daytime TV or pop hits for advertising. We don’t write to fill a gap in the market, we don’t follow the moving tide of popular trends. Our job is simply to create beautiful music that expresses every emotion. That’s why we love what we do and want to share it with you.

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