‘Feel Love’ Soundtracks New Knorr ‘Flavour For All’ Advert
March 20, 2017

The Firm and global music library Audio Network have joined forces to release ‘Feel Love’ written by singer songwriter Rosie Doonan and The Firm.


‘Feel Love’ is the sync for Knorr’s brand new TV ad campaign ‘Flavour For All’ which takes a look at the work the company is currently doing to support soup kitchens here in Britain.


Watch Knorr ‘Flavour For All’ advert here: https://firmmusicgroup.com/work/knorr/


“For ‘Feel Love’ our team of composers worked closely with Rosie to create a timeless, poignant track that lyrically would touch people but felt modern and current. When the track was released into the catalogue it quickly gained love which led to the release.” (Bob Bradley, Company Director, The Firm)


“‘Feel Love is a triumph of a love song that naturally conjures that spine tingling nostalgic sentimentality. The haunting vulnerability of Rosie’s voice and the bittersweet honesty to the lyrics leave you reminiscing about those loved and lost, ‘you had my heart, I knew it from the start…every song that played is tattooed on my skin forever’. We’re so excited to be releasing the Feel Love EP on Spotify and iTunes this week.” (Chloe Anderson, A&R Manager, Audio Network)


The video for ‘Feel Love’ was filmed at The Firm’s state of the art studios in Leeds. It features the composers, Matt Sanchez and Steve Dymond, who wrote the track, led and produced by Bob Bradley.


Watch ‘Feel Love’ music video here:


‘Feel love’ available to buy here:








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