January 14, 2014

The Firm director Bob Bradley’s most recent project – internationally renowned dance trio Above and Beyond’s live album, Acoustic – has topped the US iTunes Dance Chart at Number 1, as well as reaching Number 16 in the Billboard Chart and Number 10 in the UK Chart.


The album, which was recorded from a show at London’s Porchester Hall in June 2013, saw Bradley act as producer and musical director, composing and arranging the music with a 24-piece orchestra and a handful of talented vocalists, including Cuckoo Records’ own Annie Drury.


The success of taking their usually electronic music into a live acoustic setting in London paved the way for a further two sold-out performances at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre in October, which received significant praise from music critics.


Billboard hailed the performances “one of the finest and more memorable shows in EDM history”, stating that Bradley was “largely to thank for the set’s arrangement”. They continued: “Acting as musical director, Bradley turned the limitations of trance music into assets… Bradley’s arrangements expanded each work into its own entity, wholly contained and confidently distributed amongst the musicians on stage”.


View Above and Beyond Live at Porchester Hall here.


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