January 20, 2013

In 2012, The Firm and True North Productions joined forces to launch brand new music publishing company Pitch Music. Now, as part of a deal with global partners Universal Publishing Production Music, their music will be available through Bruton Music’s brand new exclusive BTV label.

Some of the best music produced by Bob Bradley and the The Firm’s music team can already be found on 30 albums on the BTV label, offering the perfect underscore music for documentary, commercial, drama and games. Recent commissions that feature on the BTV label include: Bloody Tales of The Tower (Nat Geo), When Life Means Life (BSKB), Dispatches Chinese Murder Mystery (CH4) and Junior Vets (CBBC).

High end commercial tracks such as New Day, Life Changing, Paint The Town (BTV 117) have also been picked up for: FIFA Manager 13, 2012 U.S. Open Tennis and Best of College (CBS).

Look out for new releases at http://www.pitchmusic.co.uk/  and on the BTV Label at  http://www.pitchmusic.co.uk/#/browse.aspx?selectedLabelId=69

It's the season of the Witch. Here’s a taster of what we’ve been creating in The Lodge for Halloween! #darktensionhttps://t.co/UtHpK9mEkJ
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The most comprehensive software/hardware hybrid! @NI_News #Maschine deep in production for #FutureDiscoFunk https://t.co/eCm9MqpY8U
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