Kirstie’s Vintage Home
Robson Green – Tales from Northumberland – ITV
Man Down- CH4
Cadbury Dairy Milk – Advert
Kirstie’s Vintage Home
Robson Green – Tales from Northumberland – ITV
Robson Green - Tales from Northumberland - ITV
Soaring sounds progressing to a dramatic beat compliments the titles of this series
Man Down - CH4
Playful, quirky yet fresh and cool
Cadbury Dairy Milk - Advert
Zany music to bring out the magic in making chocolate
Kirstie's Vintage Home - CH4
We created a homespun title theme for Kirstie Allsopp’s hit CH4 series
Award winning music composition and production
The Studios Studios | The Firm Music Group Studios | The Firm Music Group Studios | The Firm Music Group
May 11, 2015
The Firm is extremely proud to announce the completion of their bespoke recording studios, The Black Lodge. The carefully curated studio boasts world-class recording facilities combined with elegant design allowing for boundless creativity and high-end productions. At the studios heart is the main control room, complete with a highly sought after Neve Genesys G64 mixing desk, the control room looks directly into the studios own live room designed for capturing live orchestral elements such as the beautiful Steinway piano and string quartets, live drums and Hammond Organ which gives bespoke compositions that real instrumentation organic sound. Here at The Firm, we have a team of dedicated in-house composers who have full access to all of the 5 bespoke production rooms. Some of the features of these are a specialised vocal room complete with vocal booth and a wide variety of keyboards and new and vintage synthesizers. As all of our music is composed on-site at the Studio, we feel this gives a personal edge to our tracks and can give full service to our clients by working together to make changes on-site for a speedy turn around on all our projects. Take a look here:
New series of Man Down starts 1st June on @Channel4 - listen out for the title music composed by Bob Bradley and @chriseganmusic
Posted 26 May

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Exciting new news piece on our website -
Posted 12 May
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